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▲ Liaison Officer 2014 and The Underground People
@ Monday, March 3, 2014 | 11:04 AM | comment? - 0 comment(s)
Hi.. Hi...
Last month, after I finished a photoshoot at Dufan , I had other volunteer jobs to fill my short holiday..
There is an event held at my campus, called Asian English Olympic 2014 (AEO) : APEX in Youth and this event was started since 18 February until 22 February..
There is 6 competition in this event : Scrabble, Debate, Story Telling, News Casting, Speech and Short Movie Making.
As usual, I always got documentation division and as a volunteer, we also called as Liaison Officer (LO) . I'm quite proud of myself cause to be a LO, we need to pass the audition . From 600++ people who registered to be a LO, I get chosen by the committee to be one of the LO... (*How lucky you are! )

This is some photos that I took during the AEO 2014 

Back : Sanders, Teddy, Aristo, Ghina, Toby
Front : Helsya, Shella, Brii, Me, Agnes, Oliv, Robert  

For around a week worked with this guys, we called our self as the "UNDERGROUND"
Underground itself is consist of 9 person, Robert, Teddy, Jole, Sanders, OlivAgnes, Brii, Shella and me . Most of us are senior and Design student, except me,Brii and Shella..
We also make a family tree of us...

Day by day we had spent together and hard to said, we already at the last day of the event . The Finale of AEO 2014 was held at Mall Taman Anggrek.
You know what? (*What? )
Actually, we need to done our work at that day but cause it also our last day to be together as LO, we spent much of our time by eating, sharing and taking pics of our self..

After eating snack, we go back to our last job : Taking photos with participant..

When the boys taking a selfie..
(Left to Right : Jole, Robert, Sanders, Teddy)

We also taking pics with Jiaping, a participant for scrabble competition from Malaysia..
(*Handsome right? )
Left to Right : Jole, Brii, Jiaping, Oliv, Me, Teddy, Robert, Sanders

Before we end that wonderful day, we had dinner together at Marugame Udon . A Japanese restaurant which serve Udon (Japanese Mi) and some fried dishes like tempura.

Looks yummy, right?

What a wonderful week I had spent with this guys, hope we gonna have another gathering again..
♥ you guys ! 

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▲ Valentine and Dufan Photoshoot
@ Monday, February 24, 2014 | 2:17 PM | comment? - 0 comment(s)

As I promised in my last post , I am going to show how I spent my Valentine and also helping my friends on photography contest...
At Valentine Day, I have nothing special except spent it all day long at my kost.. 
Doing some research about old Myth and browsing some video on YouTube.. 
Cause it also my short holiday after had a Final Exam... 
This year, Valentine and Cap Go Meh (fifteen days after the Chinese New Year) is also in a same day...
So, this is how I and my friends spent it... 

Held a small party at my kost.. Haha

The next day, I am going to Dufan (Dunia Fantasi), a theme park that I always wanna go when I was a child..  
Its kinda remind me about my childhood wishes..  
Yah, actually  I'm really shy when my friend ask me to become her model and help her for a photography contest..
I am not really confident with myself... (*Kami juga gk percaya samamu.. )
She told me that it's okay to try something new, cause she believe that I can do it well so, I try my best... (*Baguslah kalau gitu )
When we arrived at Dufan, we started with walk around and tried some game at there...
And here some of our photoshoot..

This is when we are at the Castle of Doll (Istana Boneka)

After that, we tried to entered Rumah Miring.. (*Kalo di inggriskan gatau apa, pasti aneh... Jadi pakai bahasa Indonesia aja yah.. Hehe )  But, I can't entered that house for some reason that I couldn't tell... so I just took a pics in front of that house...  

(*What a silly face is that  )

And then we change our outfit... (*Really? )

I choose to wear mini dot dress with a red top knit for my next photoshoot.. 

And next photoshoot we gonna took is at the Bianglala, but cause the weather is going more windy we can't to the photoshoot at there and at lease we took at the front gate of that Bianglala...

And this when we played Komedi Putar (*Di daerah ak, nyebutnya gitu, gak tau disini sebutnya gimana.. Haha )

Then, before we went home, I saw this Little kid, played alone around the Komedi Putar front gate, then I talked to her...  
My friends asked me to took a pics with that Little kid and she want me to kissed her..

I did it as what her said and that Little kid didn't scary to take a pics or kissed by a stranger people like me, what a brave Little kid...   (*Really brave..  )

And we end our photo shoot with this photo... And let this photo be the last photo of this post...  

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